Output Tubes For Sale

Shipping is extra but I’ll absorb the PayPal fees, if any.

Payment may be made by personal check after it clears, certified check/MO, or by PayPal. Sales are limited to USA and Canada only. Photos available upon request.

Here’s an updated listing of what’s available:

Electro Harmonix KT90EH: 2 matched quads, 20 hours use, $100/quad

GE-made International Harvester labelled 6550: 1 pair, NOS, straight bottle, $150/pair

GEKT88: 2 matched pairs, solid gray plate, NOS, $60/pair

JJ KT88: 2 matched quads, 25 hours use, $80/quad

RCA 6550: 1 pair, both date code 7826, straight bottle, 25 hours use, $150/pair

SED =C= 6550C: 2 matched quads, 50 hours use, $200/quad

SED =C= 6550C: 1 matched pair, NOS, $150/pair

SED =C= SVKT88: 2 matched quads, less than 20 hours use, $200/quad

Sovtek KT88: 1 matched quad, ST bottle, 75 hours use, $65/quad

Valve Art KT88: 3 matched pairs, NOS, $50/pair