P 10 screen scrolling like on CRT monitor


I bought my P10 this last summer, and one morning recently the screen starting having a bright band that scrolls from the bottom to the top. It is pretty fast between 1/2 to 1 second for the bright band to move from bottom to top. The best way to describe it if someone tried to video record a old CRT monitor, it would show a scrolling line moving up or down.

I have changed the brightness to as dim as possible to make it less visible. It appears everything still work for outlets and the effectiveness of the P10 has not been harmed. I have tried a hard reset, but that did not seem to affect the issue.

The only other bit of information I can recall is earlier that week before the screen issue, there was a power bump (lost power for a few seconds in the middle of the night). I specifically remember this because there was not a thunderstorm/rain nor windy and was completely unexpected. Any helpful advice would help.




Matthew –

I have the same thing happening on a relatively new DirectStream DAC, although the line isn’t very bright, at least not for now.

I believe I’ve heard that it’s fairly common, and is likely the display card, which is a weak point. I don’t think it affects the functionality at all.

So, good? No. Disastrous? Probably not.


We have seen this behavior on a couple of screens and do not know the cause of it. Should it bother you we can replace the screen.


Does it bother me? Yes. Is it worth the Hassel of shipping and going a few weeks without the P10? Eh. I rather not.

A quick google search show this issue with other LCD screens can be caused by a ground loop issue (possible since I do live in a very old house. Some sections are knob and tube wiring.) or loose connection to the display. Of course it could be a software issue, but that is unlikely due to the low number of complaints.

I guess if you figure out that it is a software issue, please make a note in the update. In the mean time, I will try a cheater plug for testing sakes. If that fixes the issue, I know I have some rewiring of the house needed.

Thanks for the info. I will update with what I find out.