P10 and BHK Displays

I just purchased the BHK preamp and so far I am enjoying the sound quality. I have uncovered an annoying behavior when I have both the P10 and BHK Pre displays dimmed/turned off, which is how I always listen to music. When changing the volume of preamp, the P10 display goes on along with the preamp volume display. I only want the preamp display to go on showing the volume. I do not want the P10 display to turn on every time I change the preamp volume. Please help with a solution (and no, I do not want to cover the IR sensor on the P10). Thanks!

I agree that this is undesirable behavior (and, interestingly, the P5 does not work this way). Until PSA comes up with a solution, you can try aiming the remote in different ways. In my setup, by aiming the remote about 45 degree up toward the ceiling, I can turn on the display of the preamp (I like to see the volume setting) without affecting the DMP and DSD that are on shelves below the pre. Aiming the remote straight (more or less) at the pre affects all three components.

Any ideas/thoughts from the PS Audio team? Thanks

I am pretty sure all our products light up at the same time in response to the remote. Let me check with Bob to see if there’s a solution.

Hi Paul. Any solutions from your team?


No, but thanks for reminding me. Without redesigning all the products it cannot be done. We figured it made sense at the time. But now I see the problem and yes, it would be annoying. We’ve added it to our list of future upgrades, but for now, alas, there’s little we can do.