P10 and switch mode PSU

Hello @all,
I´m new in this forum, so first at all a big HELLO.
My Name is Stephan and I´m living in Germany, near Cologne.

Actually I´m using a stereo system with Kii Three Active speakers, digital source Hifi Akademie Netplayer and Phonostage made by Einstein, called Turntable´s Choice. My Turntable is a Platine Verdier, equipped with a Graham Phantom arm and Zyx cartridge.

Since some days I own a P10, second hand.

There is a german translation of the P10 manual available in the www. In this manual, it is suggested not to use Muliwave and the Clean function if using a unit with switch mode PSU.

I don´t read this hint in the original latest manual. As my Kii Three speakers are using switch mode PSU in combination with classD amplifiers (6 in each speaker).

Does someone have experience with switch mode PSUs and P10? Will the use of Multiwave and Clean harm either the Kii Threes or the P10?

Kind regards