P10 Fault


Experiencing multiple shutdowns of my P10. These are occuring whether it has a few things plugged in but at idle, or whether power amp is switched on.

The front display says Fault: Output Voltage Too High.

The unit has to be shut down, and either things powered off and then on sequentially once the P10 is up and running, or quick intervention on the panel to shut down zones.

Newest FW so far as I am aware.

Anyone ever have the same experience?


Update: unplugged everything. Powered down the P10 for 10 mins. Loaded FW 0.22. Now seemingly operational again but have taken a lot off the back of the P10 - only the amp and DAC in case one of those wallwarts for the !@£$£@$! computer and the NAS was a problem.


Update: After a couple of days of no problems I tried .32 again, and it produced the same fault. I also tried .31 - same thing. So I have to use .22 - any ideas about what is going on?



I never upgraded from .22 as I had no issues with it.

I was tempted due to the “latest/greatest” factor but was confused as to what advantage it would give me, so I just stayed put.

If the upgrade was to correct a problem that only some people had, then I figured "if it aint broke then…

did you experience any benefit with the .32 firmware?


not that I can recall, no. What is bizarre is that things have been cruising along just fine for months, then a spate of whacky behaviour from the P10. I was just sitting doing some work, audio system was idle and the power amp off, then the P10 just went into a fault with .32 and never recovered.


Anyway, it is intell from the field in case anyone at PS is keeping track about how the FW is performing in the field. There isn’t really a way of doing a bug report, unfortunately.


I saw this fault prior to .32, but not since. I have seen other whacky behaviour with .32 from time to time, but .32 is OK for me and more stable than earlier fw. I have no idea how much software development is being undertaken on the power side, but I’d have a hunch their energy is more directed towards the audio side.