P10 ....... faults appearing but still running

Having continuing trouble with my P10 which is probably about 4 to 5 years old now.

Initial problem was Initialising phase sticking, reloaded firmware and that seems to have cleared that issue but subsequently the touch screen is unresponsive, the screen comes on and goes off by itself but mostly it’s off, which I prefer.

The remote doesn’t work, changed the batteries but no avail.

I’m in the UK so may need to talk to the UK distributor, Kevin.

My P10 is the mainstay of my hi fi and home cinema supplying power to all my kit so it would be solely missed if sent for repair.

Hi sheridd2,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

Please reach out to Kevin at kevin@signaturesystems.co.uk

He’ll be happy to assist you with the repair on your P10.

If you have any further questions you can reach out to us at service@psaudio.com


  • Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy … I’ve sent Kevin an email.

I presume the email provided above for contacting Kevin is correct? It’s not listed on his website.

Sent an email detailing my issues at to Kevin at the email address provided above on the 5th September but I’ve had no reply?

There’s a form to complete to contact him but it’s asking for a lot of personal information and it’s not a secure webpage, (no padlock), so I wouldn’t use it.

I also texted him on the 6th July this year when these issues started to appear and I never got any response from him?

(I checked the tele number is still the same as is on his signature systems website.)

Kevin’s email is kevin@psaudio.com

Let me know if you don’t hear from him and please accept my apologies. He’s usually Johnny on the spot but maybe there’s something amiss.

Thanks Paul … I used the email address provided by your people.

I’ll resend it using the email address you’ve provided.

sheridd2 said

Thanks Paul … I used the email address provided by your people.

I’ll resend it using the email address you’ve provided.

Hi sheridd2,

Just to clarify, kevin@signaturesystems.co.uk is the email address for our UK distributor.

As a UK customer you’ll want to reach out to him there for service.

Kevin@psaudio.com is the contact email for our retail sales manager here in our Boulder, CO factory.

I’ve messaged Kevin in the UK to assist you in getting service.

Thanks in advance for your patience,

Best wishes,

  • Jeremy

Jeremy … I’ve been contacted by Kevin from Signature Systems and I’ve asked for collection to be arranged for next week to give me time to locate the box, strip the P10 out of the system etc.

Thanks for your help.

Did a check today on my P10 by ensuring the ribbon cable from my screen was connected tightly at both ends of cable and it was.

Rebooted my P10 from the SD card so firmware was reloaded.

The touch screen was now responsive, tested this by switching zone E on and off twice.

Re-installed the P10 in my rack and connected all my kit, P10 powered up successfully, without getting stuck on the initialisation phase and I was able to enable all zones without issue.

So looks like my issues are software related as the hardware, i.e. the touch screen is now working again, remote also operates normally as well?

I’ve texted Kevin, signature systems, to let him know I’ll not be shipping the unit to him for service next week.

Any advice from PS Audio on this software issue, any one else had similar problems?

The P10’s pretty danged reliable and I haven’t seen many problems as you describe. I’d keep an eye on it and if it continues, we can get Kevin to perhaps replace the display board where the microprocessor lives. Be sure and remove the SD card.

Hi Paul … I thought my issues were hardware related with the touch screen not being responsive but with the firmware reloaded from the SD card the touch screen is fully operational again so it can’t be hardware related, (or it still wouldn’t work), so therefore it must be software related.

Why should the SD card be removed?

It’s not a big deal but just in case it doesn’t try and reload the firmware when you power cycle the unit. It shouldn’t, but I always recommend removing the card so the processor doesn’t have to check each time.

Thanks for the clarification on the SD card.

Any future firmware updates planned for the P10?

Might be something in the works for next calendar year, but no specific right now.