P10 for sale - Sold!

Just dawned on me to try and sell my P10 here. I have a P10, Silver, that I can ship middle of next week. Serial #p10-c-6d133320 with a warranty till June 28, 2019.


That’s a win for me over trade-in and a lot less than the going Audiogon price of around $2,800 plus shipping. Only lower 48 and I’ll pay PayPal (PayPal only) fees and shipping!

I’m putting it on Audiogon in a couple days so I’ll try here first. I didn’t take pictures yet, but the P10 is perfect. Works exactly as it’s supposed to and sat in my rack since the day I bought it. It does have hours on it. I listen to music: a lot. But it’s not like miles on a car. The P10 was built to be used.

Send me a PM if interested. Thanks!

EDIT: I have the original shipping box and remote.

This is a great deal! …coming from a P10 owner.

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I’m interested. I’m in the process of replacing my McIntosh with PS Audio and this would fit nicely. Unfortunately, I just joined the Community and can’t send you a PM. Can you PM me?

PM sent!

Welcome, Knecht

Try PM’ing again. You should be set.

P10 is still available. Will be looking at alternate methods to sell within a few days.


Looks like bootzilla and I both have good offers for our PS Audio gear on the same day.

Thanks all. She’s sold. Happy to have sold to a member here!