P10 goes in protection mode

I have an ATI6007 (7x300W) power amp connected to my P10. In some dynamic movie scenes, the P10 goes in protection mode (all the outlets became red on the display). I tried to connect only the ATI to the P10 and all the rest to another outlet, but the problem remains.

What can I do to avoid this?

Thank you

It’s likely you’re exceeding it’s maximum wattage rating. The amplifier is certainly capable of it on the loudest peaks. There’s likely nothing to be done, as your amp is capable of over 2,000 watts and the P10 is rated at 1,500.

I can imagine that’s frustrating to have the sound kick off right at the point of action, and I apologize for this, but there’s unfortunately not a lot to be done.

Thanks Paul!

Since the ATI has 2 separate 20A plugs, I tried to plug one in the P10 and one directly on the wall plug, but the result was nearly the same.

Why? The wattage should be one half than before. Or not?