P10 in Brazil

Hey guys,

I am using a p10 to power my system in Brazil. In my region, the rated voltage is 127v. The actual voltage, as reported by powerplay, fluctuated between 124-129v.

Being the p10 rated 120v, should I worry (specially for the long run)

I have a high quality transformer that lowers the voltage to about 105v (I used it when I had Japanese equipment plugged in). Should I use the transformer before the p10?

And I am using the unit in high regulation mode, to output 115v to my direct stream sr sac, my musical fidelity prkmo pre, and my pair of BHK 300.

Thanks for your inputs

127V input is totally fine - the P10 is rated to work in a range of +/- 20V. This means any input power between 100V to 140V is perfect.

The ideal range our engineers recommend for input voltage is +/- 12V, and generally they prefer having the input voltage a little higher than 120V, so no need to lower it with your transformer.

Thank you, Scott.

I do not recall seeing a PS Audio Whiz before. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the inputs

We struggled long and hard to find a title for Scott and came up with whiz, short for whiz kid which indeed Scott is - at least around here! And, he’s PS Audio’s official drone pilot too.