P10 output voltage setting

I have a P10 with Cary tube monos plugged into it. The Carys are specified at 117 V AC. I am getting a Directstream DAC which will be arriving shortly. This will be the only other component plugged into the P10.

What output voltage should I set on the P10?

Martin B.

Welcome, Martin

I suggest 120V.

Hi Martin,

I agree with Elk, but for fun, I would do some listening tests changing the voltage from 117-120, and see if there is a difference in sound quality.

I would then make a different decision from there.

It helps to know what your voltage is at the outlet. While my P300 defaults to 117v and in the past it was common to describe our voltages as 110v,220v, and 440v [3 phase]. I have found my usual voltage measured at the various outlets with a digital multimeter to be 126v. So I set my P300 to 120v, as I know it has a high enough incoming voltage, that it doesn’t have to work very hard to maintain 120v.

I know the P10 is more advanced than the P300 providing much more information. Mine shows me in watts how much my equipment is using. Does the P10 show how many amps it is pulling?

Yes, the P10 does show the live amperage in use. It also displays the total load displayed as a percentage which is a nice snapshot of how taxed your P10 is at any given moment.

Even more fun is the PowerPlants display input and output THD.

The input voltage of my P10 is 117.8 V.

Martin B.