P10 problem - please help

My AUS 240V 9 outlet P10 has suddenly got an issue after 4 years of trouble free operation.

I shut down the unit last night, to swap over a few power cables. Started it back up and no problem, I played music for a few hours just fine.

This morning however, when I powered it on it starts up for about 5 seconds (the usual image comes up on the screen) then theres a ‘click’ from inside the unit and then it shuts down.

What could this be? Ive tried a few times and it does the same thing over and over. There’s no troubleshooting in the manual.

Very frustrating, and of course its out of warranty now.

Please help! cry

I was able to get hold of the dealer, and it was starting up in stand by mode. Dont know how/why as it doesnt usually do that.

All good now. Panic attack over. Lol embarassed