P10 regenerator, black for sale [Sold]

Returned today from PS Audio service. Good condition. With remote.

$2440 = $2200 unit price, $170 shipping, and $70 PayPal fee.

I’m open to local pickup if you are in New England.

Just wondering - what was wrong with it?

Also what’s with the crazy shipping fee and why would you charge a paypal fee as there is no charge for a private sale?

  1. Apparently, PS Audio’s regenerator doesn’t tolerate balanced iso transformers on its output (who knew?)

  2. I just shipped the unit to PS Audio for repair. That’s what I paid — FedEx ground w/ insurance.

  3. If no PayPal, no fee, but your payment method would have to clear before I would ship. Last thing I sold, PayPal took a bite.

You can use PayPal friends & relatives option and there are no fees.

And no protection either

Just got $2400 cash for my P10 on Audiogon. Could have held out for more but had a local buyer with cash in hand.

Cash is king. P15?

I know I want a P15. Hard to believe it’s that much better than a P10.

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I have a P20 on order. I would have gotten a P15 if I still had a BHK 250. Once I switched to the 300s, along with all my other gear, my P10 started to run pretty warm.

I just bought a new P10 for $2,700 net.

2700 is the going price here new as well… Or at least close…

This is now SOLD