P10 Reporting off line over and over

In the last two days I have seen my P10 report that it is off line and back online again over and over. The message I see is:

The powerplay with the unit id 148283 is reporting a Communications/offline events, Communications Restored events,
Power Play last reported unit information

The power has not gone off in my home nor has the network gone down in any way. This just seems to be happening at random. Anyone else seeing this? Is there something I should do? I am going to reboot the unit to see if that makes it stop.

Your power could be dipping below the required voltage, causing the P10 to switch on/off continuously.

The P10 is not switching on and off. It is on all the time. I would know if it switched itself off because the LCD display would be lit up and it is not. I always keep it dimed out.

O.K. Well, it was worth a try … This is what happened to me; but then again - I’m in South Africa (crappy power).

I’m experiencing the same thing! I figure it’s PSA’s servers but didn’t dig into it. My network and internet service is extremely reliable so I put that down the list. I get about six emails a day, for the last 4 days, notifying me about a communication disruption or re-connection.

Thanks for posting!

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I’m having the same problem and my guess is that the service is having some issues. I’ve rebooted my P5 to see if that was an issue. My last loss of connectivity notification was at 0916 this morning.

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Okay. Glad others are seeing the same issue. Now I know its not at my end. Thanks for letting me know.

I can’t connect either to check my P5. Was working fine previously.

Speculation: Backend server updates to support new models? But on a Sunday, Easter Sunday…Paul go home to your wife. :wink:

It actually started yesterday. Probably not back end updates.

My alerts started Thursday at 19:46 EST.

I’ve been getting exactly the same thing repeatedly over the last couple of days. Rebooted the router - no change. Guess the problem is at the PS Audio end.

It happens from time-to-time for whatever reason.

It’s happening abnormally often for the last couple days.

It’s been happening abnormally from time-to-time for years.

This is way more then it happens from time to time. I have had at least 30 events over the last two or three days. There is something wrong at the PSA end.

Yeah, something goes wrong from time-to-time at their end, causing multiple events in short succession until whatever causes it is fixed at their end. Then it works as advertised for several months, then something breaks again. It’s been like that for years. It’s still Easter Sunday, I guess somebody will deal with it when they reopen for business.

The madness continues today. Six more notices thus far today. My email inbox is a busy enough place. Yes, I can cancel the notification and will do so soon if this keeps up.

I am still getting them today as well but it does occur to me that reporting it here and informing PSA of the issue are two different things. I am going to call and report it now.

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You’re a better man than me. I just yell at the clouds.