P10 ....... stuck on Initialisation stage after at least 20 minutes.

Had my P10 for quite a few years and I’ve had this issue at least twice now, once a couple of years ago.

The P10 is usually kept powered on unless I go away for a few days.

Just back this morning and powering up my P10 it’s been on the Initialisation stage for at least twenty minutes now.

I can’t remember how I cleared the issue a couple of years ago. I sought assistance from the UK distributor, Kevin, and between us we got it cleared.

I have switched it off and on other times between then and now, but it’s come back online again ok without any issues.

Raised this to see what PS Audio says?

After three attempts at switch on, the Initialisation screen passed and the Outlets screen came up, with the outlets in Yellow.

The touch screen was very unresponsive took several goes for it to affect the outlets status.

When it did the outlets colour changed to Orange.

At this point the touch screen is non responsive so I can go no further.

The remote is not working either?

Looks like my P10 has serious issues?

After ‘touching’ the outlets many many times they started to come on.

But I would touch D and B would switch off. I think one time one of the outlets went off by itself.

But after much touching I now all outlets green so it looks like it’s working again, after a long struggle.

I have a tweak coming, the Bybee iQSE where I’m supposed to remove the P10 top and attach the tweak to the underside of the top.

Obviously now I’ll be reluctant to switch my P10 off to do this mod after all the issues I’ve encountered this morning.

I would suggest calling PS Audio Customer Service if no one from PS Audio notices this thread. I think you are in the UK, so if you don’t want to make an overseas call perhaps Kevin would call PS Audio? I would think if someone else here had this problem they would chime in. One other thing, do you have the latest firmware, .41? If you don’t upgrading might help

I would hope and expect someone from PS Audio to contribute here as the thread title is ‘Need Help, Ask a PSA Expert’, in fact, that’s why I logged the issue, to get advice from PS Audio.

Yes, I’m in the UK and Kevin helped me with an earlier example of this. I think now I’ve experienced it 3 times but this seems to be the worst as I’ve never had the touch screen issue before. (I keep the display switched off to preserve the screen actually).

Had my P10 now for 5 - 6 years, been a long time since I’ve updated the firmware, I’ll check into this tomorrow but .41 seems to ring a bell, I presume the last update has been a few years ago?

You might consider emailing them directly: support@psaudio.com

sheridd2 said

I would hope and expect someone from PS Audio to contribute here . . .

Typically someone from PSA will respond, but it can occasionally take a bit. As already suggested, contacting them directly is often quicker.

I suggest turning it off and loading a previous firmware version. This can tidy up a cranky unit. Then reload the current updated firmware.

Good luck!

Good advice. Something may have gotten corrupted over time.

Yes, good advice. I’ll try all these options tomorrow.

Complicated slightly by losing my desktop pc recently and using a laptop now. I’ll need to see about a SD card reader for it to load up the software for the P10.

Sorry it took us a while to get back to you and even sorrier you’re having an issue.

Have you contacted Kevin? It sounds like you might need one of two things: either try the rescue firmware to reprogram the CPU or a new front panel board. Kevin can help you with either. We can help you with the one, not the other. I’ll ask our customer service people to contact you to see if they can help with the firmware option which may or may not help.

Again, sorry for the delay.

Thanks Paul. I think the issue is firmware related?

When I was trying to get the get the outlets changed from red to green the remote wasn’t working either.

Once I got all the outlets turned green, i.e. the P10 fully operational, the remote worked as well again.

James has contacted me via email and supplied me with the .41 firmware files which I have now loaded onto my P10 SD card.

I’m expecting the Bybee iQSE tweak on Monday, which needs to be installed on the underneath of the P10 top so I’ll be switching the P10 off to install that.

The SD card will then load the new firmware upon switch on again so planning to ‘kill two birds with the one stone’.

I’ll post an update on Monday after I complete the above.

Looks like my issue has been resolved and it was firmware related?

I’d loaded up the .41 files onto my P10 SD card and installed it back in the P!0 but kept it running as once up, it’s fine.

I was waiting for the Bybee iQSE tweak which requires me to switch off the P10 for installation, expected on Monday.

Today, Saturday, while I was out there was a local power cut and power was restored after an hour so the P10 was stopped via the cut and resumed once power was restored.

The new firmware has loaded and the P10 was sitting at the outlets screen, all red, so Initialization was completed.

I was able to turn the outlets to green with no touch screen issues.

As above, expecting the Bybee tweak Monday so I’ll be in charge of the next power down / power up and I’ll be able to watch everything but hoping and expecting this to run smoothly now.

Thanks for all the help and advice from everyone.

Very good!

Let us know what you think of the iQSE tweak.

Great news and looking forward to your report.