P10 touch screen stays white

My P10 is over 3 years old and recently its screen stays all white when turned on. I can still use it but cannot configure it.

I tried to get the latest firmware and upgraded but the problem is not gone.

Does anyone have the similar issue and know how to solve it?

Is it possible if PSAudio sells the screen to the owners of the P10 for replacement?



When that happens it’s not the screen but the board behind the screen and the whole assembly has to be replaced, something not practical for users to do. We can certainly fix it for you, just contact our service department or your dealer/distributor and we’ll get it handled.

Sorry about that!

Didn’t know where to ask a follow up to your reply to op’s dilema.

So Paul what is the mtbf of the screen on these regenerators…?

For the purpose of increasing lifespan of these touchscreens would it be best to leave them off until needed?

Thanks Paul in advance for replying.

No, as I mentioned it isn’t the screen. In fact, it can be software related too. Best to contact service and get a read from someone that knows more than me. It just could be something easily fixed without a hardware change.

Thank you, Paul and all.