P10 - weird performance issue ... screen and power button flashed off approx every 20 seconds?

Loaded .41 firmware files at start of the week due to screen stuck on Initialization issue which cleared the issues I had.

I keep my P10 screen switched off to preserve it.

Went into room tonight, (about 5 days later), with the screen on, showing all 5 zones in green, i.e. switched on and ready for use.

When I went to switch the screen off, using the remote, nothing happened?

When I looked more closely the screen and the PS Audio power button, top left, would blink for a fraction of a second approximately every twenty seconds, the remote wouldn’t work.

I switched the P10 off and left it for about half an hour.

Switched it on again and all outlets came up unpowered, switched them all on again, to green - no blinking every 20 seconds or so, but remote would not turn the screen off. Changed the batteries, still nothing, no lights showing from the bulb at front of the remote.

I’d never used the Cleanwave function, had planned to, but never did, decided to do it now, for 60 seconds.

After this completed the remote now worked? Was able to turn off the display, inserted the old batteries and they worked too?

Got my P10 working again, with the screen switched off but I’m at a loss to understand what happened.

I thought initially there was a power cut to the house but nothing else was off, which I would expect to see.

Hello sheridd2,

It’s not clear here what could have caused this issue.

We recommend you please reach out to us at service@psaudio.com if you continue to have any issues with your P10.


  • Jeremy