P1000 generated output changes his voltage

I bought an used P1000 in super conditions from a dealer. Actually to know and to try, if its worth to buy a P10 in future. And if I can hear a difference to my system.

Before I plugged some devices in, I´ve measured the outputs. Just for precautions.

So I´ve seen, that the voltage in “SINE-MODE” in changing from 238V (setting) to aprox. 160V, and back. I thought, the voltage must be stable in set mode, isn´t it?

I´ve contacted the PS-Audio sales department here in germany. (HiFi2die4)

He tells me, that the P1000 is not ok. What do you think?

  1. In the menu, there is a point on the display, which is not explained in the manual. (Point 4)

The menu goes:

  1. Percentage of maximum power output
  2. Wattage produced
  3. Voltage produced
  4. 0 ?? (+16 to -16 setting)
  5. Frequency generated
  6. Waveform setting "SINE"
  7. CLEAR
  8. Display blanking mode
In mode 4, the display shows a "0", I can edit from +16 to -16. What does this setting do?

Thanks for the answers.

The output voltage should not be that far off. Assuming you are in a 230V country that is way to low and I would not plug anything into the unit. I don’t know but item 4 may refer to the ability to change the output voltage within a narrow range.

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It is the phase adjustment and if it’s working, which it sounds like it is, don’t mess with these.

Hi Makai,

Our repair tech read your post and is concerned about your power supply caps failing. You’ll need to send your unit to us for service. If you would, please reach out to us at service@psaudio.com and we’ll be able to take care of you.


  • Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy,

My dealer took back the P1000, to his service. Will wait and see. But thanks for your info. Perhaps I will need in anytime.

I will post, when my unit is back.