P12 Question

New P12 scheduled to arrive late today. Should I expect it to do it’s magic right out of the box, or is there a break in period?

It will be immediately wonderful.

The PowerPlants are one of my favorite products because they have a huge improvement on the system right out of the box. Sure, there is some break-in but it’s way more subtle than the Stellar amps and DSD.

The moment I integrated my P12 into my system I heard (and saw) a huge improvement. Not sure if it’s got any better since but if it has it’s subtle.

Great news, thanks for the replies!

Should be great right out of the box but it does benefit from burn in for sure.

I noticed a HUGE improvement in audio quality; as soon as I turned-on my P12! It gets better as it “burns-in”.
I’ve read a few posts concerning some amps; sounding better, bypassing the regenerator, plugging straight into the wall outlet.
I haven’t had that issue, thankfully.
Until recently, I had my Class D Audio SDS470C plugged into the P12; it sounded very nice!

Currently, I have my Crown CTs2000 amp plugged into the P12; no issues at all, it sounds so much better than it did plugged directly into the wall outlet!

I’ve got Eminent Technology LFT8b speakers;
The SDS470C didn’t sound right with the ETs.
The Crown CTs2000 sounds wonderful with the ETs! With plenty of headroom leftover.
I’ve got my Simaudio transport, Schiit DAC, Tortuga LDR3.V25 passive pre and Crown all plugged into the P12; with great results! Great sound!

Enjoy your P12!:+1: