P12 vs P20

I find it confusing that the display of the Power Plants shows
Power (Watts) and Load % (VA).
But I suppose once you know the metrics are not equivalent, it’s less confusing.

FYI. I have P12 plugged into an APC conditioner.
Right now, P12 shows 90W, and the APC conditioner shows a power draw of 240VA. I don’t know the PF value and I am also not sure the “85%” efficiency on P12 applies to lower power draw or not.
If I take 85% on P12, and back calculates the PF, I get 0.43, seems too low. If I take 50% on P12, I get PF about 0.75.

The good news is…you’re not alone in being confused… :slightly_smiling_face:

Electrical fundamentals aren’t particularly intuitive for the majority of people, especially Alternating Current (AC). Everyone at my university was required to take (and pass) a minimum of 2 semesters of Electrical Engineering in order to graduate, and I know some very smart people who never really understood that :poop:…they just memorized the equations and definitions to get through the exams.

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I don’t think the displayed load value on the Powerplants includes what the PP itself is drawing…I think it’s just output power. In that case, the 240 VA to the input of the PP would be the sum of the 90W load on the PP, plus whatever the PP is consuming to drive that 90 W load.

In this case, I am confused by what this 85% efficiency described in P12 website means.

PowerPlants are indeed 85% efficient so merely add another 15% to the output load. Thus, 850 watts to the load draws a total of 1,000 watts from the wall.

Thanks Paul. And is this correct for the continuous load:

P5/P12 = 1000VA
P20 (15A) = 1500VA
P20 (20A) = 2000VA

In the Stereophile(?) review of the P20, the author got the above wrong, saying the P20 on 15A is the same as the P12 at 1000VA.


Yes, what you have listed is correct.