P15 break-in and ability to diminish the difference between good and bad powerline times

P15s have been in my systems for about 24 hours. I’m liking what I’m hearing over the P10s they replaced!

What are others experiencing as far as unit break-in? The highs still have a bit of the quality I associate with electrolytic caps breaking-in. I’ve also heard descriptions of AC outlets exhibiting similar qualities before break-in. I’d expect this to diminish in 2-3 weeks. Anyone else experience that?

Also, the thing I expected the P10 to do that it didn’t was eliminate the sonic difference between bad powerline times (weekdays days and evenings) and good powerline times (weekend days, weekend evenings / nighttimes the best!). I’m not complaining on the results I got from the P10… the SQ I got from them during the ‘bad’ powerline times was better than that of the ‘good’ powerline times without the P10s. AND during ‘good’ powerline times, I was in heaven… until now that I’ve heard what the P15 do. I expect the P15s to be as good or better in this regard. What are other’s experience of this phenomena?

One thing surprised me… I tried the Autotune. One P15 set the Phase Tune to +2, the other to +3. Interesting that I had set my P10s to +2 by ear once this functionality was added a bunch of firmware revisions back.

Next, for PSA, some comments on the full manual… some small omissions.

  1. There’s no detailed picture and call-out of the back panel items.

  2. There’s no explanation of the dots in the upper area of the Meter Screen. I got it, they are representations of the different outlet zones, but a quick note would be useful.

  3. There’s no explanation of the functionality of the trigger in/out connections

  4. There’s no how-to on firmware upgrades.

Finally, for PSA, some requests…

  1. Please make the font type and size on the ‘type’ of each meter display both larger and a more readable type.

  2. Please make the scope displays larger.

Definitely love them! And nothing above are even ‘minor’ flaws, just small requests for info or improvements.

Greg in Mississippi