P20 “cricket” noise

Hey guys,

New amps in the house. A couple of Nagra HD.

Hooked them up to my p20. Load about 50%.

But when I turn the amp on, I hear like a ‘cricket’ noise from the p20. Another analogy is the sound made by old hard disks when on high read/write load.

Noise gets worse if I turn to sine wave. Also, worse if I change the phase setting, tuning to more ‘extreme’ phase settings.

Lowest noise is on multi wave 6 and phase zero.

Music plays fine.

Any thoughts?

Another anomaly that I saw today: before turning the amps on, p20 reports THD in at 4% and out at 0,1%. After the amps are on THD goes to 12% and 6%, coming back to previous values when the amps are off. The noise comes and goes with such increase/decrease in THD. Will it be an incompatibility of the P20 regarding the new amps?

Load never above 60%.

Very odd. The jump up in THD out with the amps plugged in shouldn’t be happening. Give our tech guys a call when you have a chance and maybe they’ll know what is going on. My guess is some weird interaction with the PS in the Nagras and the P20.

Thanks for the reply. To whom, and on what number, should I call?

Just call the main number, 1-800-PSAUDIO and ask to speak to someone in the tech department.

Thanks man