P20 Dimensions

I see the website lists the p20 dimensions as 17” W x 14” D x 11” H. Do any of you know if the depth dimensions also includes the front handles? If it doesn’t could someone please let me know how far out the front handles reach past the front of the P20.

There are front and back handles on the P20. The measurements do not include the handles.

The front handles adds about 2 1/16 inches. It may be 2 inches exactly but tape measure does not line up exactly to the end of the handle. I would rather add 1/16, then give you a number that is too small. The rear handles add another 1 1/2 inches to the depth. When you consider that the plugs need to plug into the back of the power plant, most of them need the 1 1/2 inch room just to plug in.

So, depth dimension is really about 17 9/16 inches.

With the feet on the bottom of the power plant, the height is about 11 1/4 inches as opposed to 11 inches.

The width measurement is accurate.


Thanks! The back end of my rack is open but not the front, so I am just trying to figure out if it will fit.

Thanks for the detailed response mycrowave!

No worries James, I’ve sent the bill to Paul. :crazy_face: