P20 On order. What do I connect to it?

I just ordered a P20 and would like some advice on what I should connect to it? Here is my equipment list in no specific order. Can I connect all of this to it and if not which ones should I choose?

Project RPM 3 Carbon
PS Audio Nuwave Phono Converter
Sony PS4 (first generation) - Rarely used
Dish Network Hopper 3
Anthem AVM 60
Anthem PVA 7
PS Audio DS Sr.
Xbox one X - Used for 4K Bluray playback and occasional games
Intel NUC PC - Used as Media center PC (Roon server running in a different room)
1 SVS PB 16 Ultra. I will eventually get a second one

If I were you, I would cancel that order and buy this one: For Sale Black P20 Brand New

Yes, connect it all! Watch the draw when the sub is cranking


I agree with Brett but the last thing I’d plug in would be your TV, but that might be ok too.
And Veneet is a very straight-up guy. A great deal.


And I’m dropping the price!

Thanks @brett66 and @RonP!

My display quality improved a bunch but probably does dump some junk back to my P10

Thx for the suggestion Brett but It’s already on the way.

You’re welcome but so is Veneets, for a couple weeks at least so he’s probably ahead of yours

So I’m getting the impression that I should hook it all up then possibly remove some items base on power consumption.

Thanks for the guidance everyone.

If it were me I’d do the tv but skip the game boxes. They can’t do anything good for your system. Plug them into a different circuit entirely.

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Thanks for the suggestion @aangen. Do you think that should apply for the computer too?

My audio computer is plugged into my P20. Absolutely! The Cisco switch as well. The Cisco gets an $800 power cable. Lol.

The difference is, the computer that is running roon is not actually streaming the music. I have a server in a different room that is running roon server to stream the music. The only thing that the Nuc is doing is controlling the server. I can shut down roon on the Nuc and the music continues to play.

I didn’t mention the switch in my original post. It is a D-Link DGS-1024D 24-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Metal Desktop or Rackmount Switch. I definitely plan to plug that into the P20, although, not with a $500 power cable LOL.

Thanks for the help.

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