P20 & P15 Regenerator Performance Tweaks and Performance Enhancements

I have not listened to Tidal for some time, and today it sounds great. But I do not know if that is due to the recent email from them telling me I got “complementary upgrade” or is due to the mod.

Anyway, both Tidal and Qobuz sounded better.

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I was already at their top tier. I was really surprised at difference since the 3M absorber mod. I avoided dropping Tidal previously for some albums and artists not available on Qobuz. To me it seems like a different service.

Take that back. I did get the HiFi Plus upgrade at no cost. Maybe they did improve their sound with more master recordings. Or perhaps just a marketing gimmick.

Tidal has more songs in my playlists with “master” quality in them. They do sound better than I remembered. That maybe the main reason they sent out the email to existing top tier subscribers; it is sort of announcement that they have improved.

But no doubt the Mod helps too.

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I started on Tidal and had abandoned my earlier playlists. It is time to revisit. I feel the balance shifted a bit back. Hopefully theire is some more absorber modders that can chime in on their observations.

I’ve had the absorber sheet off an on the P20 for a couple days. It’s a full sheet located on the center top with a 2 inch front overhang. I know this may not be the preferred size or location but I wanted to see if things changed before I cut. For me, there is some difference but it is not consistent and I do not favor one over the other. I want to be part of the Tweek Team but I’m not feeling it yet. Open to recommendations or community banishment.

@straightwire You need to overhang about 7 inches over the front and have 3.5 to 3.75 inches taped temp to the lide. You will hear it liven up Just play clock chimes on time from DSOTM To get a feel for that spot where you have it now to less material. You can cut it after you hear differences. Or try Keith Jarrett The koln concert between the two locations. It is all about only covering front half of transformer.

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Oh on P20 need to center narrow width of sheet over the display. The front overhang will not affect the sound though the top lid portion of absorber portion collects display noise’, EMF from half of transformer donut, and the ribbon cable. You will hear the tone change if piano or bels are playing as you move it to the magic position. The spatial keys will kick up too!

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Do you have a photo of how this absorber positioning looks on your P20? You have given specifics but I want to get it right.

The key is lining up centered over display and top of sheet lined up with center of V between 4th and 5th full cooling fin. Then trim to front of P20.


Have you heard anything different yet? Hopefully for the better ? If not that’s ok. Using too much absorber does little. Sometimes less is more as is specific position.

I finally to the time to pull the P-20 regenerator lid four allen head screw at the corners and a tile lifter from Lowes. and stick the absorber to the inner lid. Nice to have it hidden. I think the effects 3m AB7050 HF are a tad greater installed internal. More clarity,
Imaging space, and better more vibrant percussion.
It does put the Dragon 48 HDMI cable on steroids.

Here are some placement photos. Note I aligned the 3.75 edge up over the bonding clip at front edge and left some paper over it to keep it from sticking if I have to pull the lid again. One just has to place front of lid first so it doesn’t catch the chassis.

I slso took a dimension so one can see alignment to center bolt of toroidal transformer being the placement key.


I thought I was able to see what this absorber is all about today, but Fed Ex somehow lost my package somewhere between here and Roseville, Ca. Now delivery is pending until they can find the package. Nothing new with this Fed Ex.

I am sure they will sort it out. If you like the Dragon you will love this installed internal on the lid. The highs are so amazing and bass hits deep.

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Sorry to hear that!

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I thought the Dragon was on steroids already! Boy, sounds like this absorber thing is gonna be a whole lotta fun!


@waymanchen11 Well I thought it could not get better. But put it inside the P20’s Faraday cage and it soaks up the RF and EMi trapped inside the aluminum walls even better! The longer wavelengths don’t get out but this stuff soaks it up when inside. Bass went subterranean.

The first discovery external was just a foreboding of what this stuff does. It is a linear absorption too so music is more balanced than just having it external.

The most amazing thing I think is with the lid off all my listening by ear and theory about being at half the toroidal transformer panned out. I was able to place this optimally and determine dimensions all by ear. It is like alignment of speaker toe in. Every 1/32 of an inch matters. It is all paying off now


For me, when I use the sheet on top in the suggested position, I did get a bit more clarity, with slightly more punchy bass, however for me, I lost mid tone bass, a bit like removing the thicker sound the Purple S R fuse nicely added. I think I prefer it without the sheet.

I have a UK P20, maybe it’s wired differently, There is some rumour the live/neutrals are swapped over on uk units but can’t confirm this, that would effect the field around the transformer.


The Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Fuse might give you that sound back. Since it is a bit too thick for me with sheet on top or perhaps just putting sheet under lid same position which evens up tonal balance with the a SR Purple Fuse.

The other thing I would try is placing sheet on bottom exterior of P-20 in same forward position or perhaps on the rear half of the Transformer on top exterior or bottom exterior. That too changes sound of things.

Another solution for mid bass punch is moving speakers closer together say a half inch at a time.

Seems like since your prongs on your UK plug are same size for hot and neutral, so you can just rotate plug 180 degrees if you think things are swapped in UK, since there is no ground prong or different sized neutral and hot prongs like we have?

The extra clarity and smoother highs of the absorber are preferred for me and mid bass punch is really speaker position specific if you desire more. I do realize other factors as speakers cannot be moved closer together due to cabinets or other factors could be a limitation to some peoples set ups. Often with tweaks or new cables or DAC firmware we must address speaker location anyhow because of tone or timbre changes.

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Hi Vmax, yes I should have another play really. UK plus are 3 pin like a big iec male plug I suppose, so can’t be swapped, perhaps you were thinking of European plugs?

Speakers are big heavy things that need 2 people to move them so that’s out.

I’ll have another play

Ps, I inadvertently made width 3.6” rather than 3.75”, hope that isn’t to blame.

@chris5 Width as well as placement from edge can change the tone and timbre quite a bit. My measurements were based on dimension from the edge of unit versus just the wood lid. Generally the further aft one starts trading off clarity for mid bass and fuller sound.

Under the lid is a whole new experience too. You can always temp tape it too lid for trials and leave fasteners out until you decide if works for your system and preferences.

My speakers are 350 lbs each. But I place plastic or cardboard under footers on one side That makes fine tuning positioning easier. Still a pain.