P20 Shutting down

I have one setup where everything is plugged in the P20. There is one small speaker that shuts down the entire system once I insert it into the system. We tested the impedance, looks normal. The tweeter and the other driver seem to be ok. Played 5khz test tone, seem to be ok.

Removed the spkr, replaced it with the usual spkr, system works with no problem.

Inserted the suspect speaker in another system plugged in a cheap power bar, nothing happens, it plays musicwithout shutting down.

what do you think is happening here?

Knowing the load on the P20 prior to inserting the speaker would be helpful. Knowing the speaker’s rated power draw would also be helpful. I’m assuming it is a powered speaker. Knowing the brand and model wold be helpful as well. Just a hunch assuming it is a powered speaker, the speaker’s power supply may be faulty thus engaging the P20 protection circuitry.


the load is not even close to 50%

the speaker is passive, the system trip right away

Odd. What amp are you using? Try swapping speakers between amps. Considering how the information you are providing is trickling out helping is difficult. A complete picture of the set-up, including speaker cables, amp, power cord(s), and speakers would be helpful in providing meaningful assistance.

How do you connect a passive speaker to a P20 and why would you?

I must be confused about what is happening.


the amp is Pilium Achilles… I think I mentioned that I switched speakers back to the ne I normally use.

I even isolated which speaker within the pair is causing the problem. What confuses me is why this speaker is tripping this system while it doesn’t in the other system.

I don’t recall saying the spkr is plugged into the P20… and why would I, even if I could?

Bad inference on my part, I guess.

I was associating your speaker swap and a couple of your posts incorrectly. Unless the speakers are powered, I can’t for the life of me figure out how changing them can be related to the P20 issue.

Good luck with the troubleshooting.


You’re not giving me much to work with. My guess is the 300 WPC Pillium Achilles in combination with that particular speaker, and what ever speaker cables you are using is going unstable. An unstable amp could trip the PSA P20 protection scheme.
For example the amp/speaker/speaker cable combo is producing ultrasonic oscillations. Not sure if it happens immediately or if with music playback. Good luck with troubleshooting, as details are trickling out. I’m out of here.

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