P3 regenerator noise

I’m curious, in relation to positioning digital equipment, does the P3 generate a significant amount of EM and RFI noise?
Can it impact digital equipment and cabling nearby?

FWIW the P3 owner’s manual says this re: mounting - The P3 is stackable on other PS Audio PerfectWave devices, however, because of ventilation issues it is recommended the P3 be on top of the stack of equipment if possible.

I think I asked a similar question to PS Audio Support years ago when I was reshuffling my equipment. I think the answer was that it does not generate much noise - if any. However, memory has been hit and miss lately.

The P3 doesn’t generate much in the way of EM and RFI noise. As JRSBat mentioned, you can feel comfortable stacking it, though you should definitely leave the ventilation slot unobstructed.

Fair enough. I leave it where it is.