P300 For Sale


Well, I can’t keep two units, so I am selling one. This unit has the Multi-Wave II+ with tube wave and clean wave. There is a fan installed, but if you think that you won’t need it, I will unplug it internally. It is a little noisy as I can hear it from my listening chair 8’ away. Just because, I have replace the steel screws with brass ones, and repainted the bottom since I used a router to make the hole for the fan. It looks really great, even though no one will see it. For $550+shipping, I will include a 2 meter Prelude cord. This unit also has the Power Ports instead of the orange outlets. Any component plugged into the P300 has a strong chance of sounding better.

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Is this still for sale?

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This unit sold awhile back. Having said that, if I were in the market for one of these units, I would look for a P500 instead.