P5 Advice Re: Subwoofers

Right now I’m running two SVS SB2000 Subwoofers off a separate 15 Amp line, using Nordost Power Cables and Furutech NCF receptacles. They use a 500 Watt Class D amp in each. Would I be better off running them out of the higher output outlets on the P5 of should I leave it as they are?

I have a P5 and a P12. I only have one sub, a ML Dynamo. Doesn’t get used much. I don’t use either regenerator for the sub, instead I use a PS Audio Quintessence. When I did have it hooked up to the P5, I used the high current bank to power it.

watchdog507 - I’ve got a pair of REL S3/SHO subs; connected to my PSA P20 power plant and they work great. All of my components & especially my P20 power plant power cables are AC12. In addition, I’m using a PSA outlet (electrical connections very tight @ duplex for least impedance). You do everything you can to make sure each component has the least source impedance possible; however, there are things that are out of your control. My next music room design (next house) will have a separate 20A circuit from the panel. Next year I’m having the electrician run a 10 gauge (20A) circuit to my music room. Yes, I know, 12 gauge is for 20A… In addition, I intend buying (2) AC12 cables (2 meter) for the REL subs as a XMAS present to myself. I have also upgraded the REL AMP “line” cable to Bassline Blue. You do everything you can to have the cleanest, lowest impedance source power you can have; however, there are things out of your control. I also have each sub run out of a different high output zone on the PSA P20.