P5 display quivers

yes my P5 displays works but it is jittering on and off at random. its blinking but not at a steady rate its randomly changing spead but always doing it.

any ideas and I have tried shutting it on and off . I also keep my display on all the time / help


If the P5 display is similar in operation to the PWT/PWD, there is a setting that controls the display’s dimming sensitivity to address this issue. During a cold start power up you touch the PSA logo on the touch screen to access the setup menu. Then you select the display dimming sensitivity option to select a different level that better suits your needs. Please let us know if this works for you, keeping my fingers crossed.

Ok and thanks for the reply. At present I keep,it on high and all the time. I do this with all of the P10//5,s. I will,try the dim setting now .