P5 for sale as of June 6

Hey folks. Finally moving up to a P15. I got my P5 directly from PS Audio; it is about six years old. Has all documents, accessories, and packing materials (you do NOT want someone to ship one of these things unless it’s in its original box.) I am away right now so can’t send pix, but will be able to do so as of June 5. As far as I know there is not a mark on it. It has always been used lightly and has never had the slightest operational issue; in fact, I am pretty sure that I never even upgraded the firmware, as I never had any reason to.

I already sprung for the new one so looking to get a fair price for a quick sale… asking $1650 shipped within CONUS. Paypal ONLY or cash in person in northern NJ - no exceptions. No MO’s, checks, gold bullion, bitcoin, trades, or anything else. :slight_smile: Thanks for looking!!

Your P5 is worth $2500 in trade toward the new P15, so I would recommend contacting PS Audio to get the trade in rather than selling for less than that.

Understood - but not a relevant option for me at this moment since I actually bagged a P15 used for a great price (guy bought it and must have changed his mind pretty soon after for whatever reason.) But appreciate the info and it may be relevant for others.

True,but do your homework and you can get a decent discount and trade in value through some dealers…

Once again I appreciate the info but not relevant for me at this time.

Yes,I know what you said…I was responding to bstanwick.

Understood. Anyway let me point out that somebody could buy my P5 at the asking price and get significantly more than what they pay if they trade it in for a new unit!


Is this still available?

Sorry for the delay. Due to my crazy travel schedule i decided to let my dealer, Audio Connection in Verona, NJ, take care of selling it for me. I can put you in touch if you’d like (it’s not on their web site yet.) BTW I decided to throw in a PS Audio Plus power cable.