P5 power plant issue

i have my system set up so when I power on my C2300 preamp the P5 turns on. Zones A, B, and C come on and Zone D is delayed. Zone B is always on. When powered on zones A B and C come on but when zone D initialized the other 3 zones shut down. Nothing is attached to zone D. I can manually turn on the other 3 zones after they shut down. When I check the scope there is no graph on either input or output. The status page is blank, too. No values are in the boxes. If I take the delay off of zone D and turn on the P5 all zones come on momentarily but the shuts down and a message states Under Voltage Shutdown. This started happening yesterday. Any thoughts about what is happening? Unit was purchased in early '14 from authorized dealer. My nearby APC H15 states incoming voltage to be 122V.

From your description it sounds like the communication between the regenerator processor and the display processor is not happening correctly. This could be related to a software corruption or something in the hardware.

Would you please email me at davep@psaudio? I’ll send you some software to try.