P5 reduces the power.

I’m one of the few who only connected my power amplifier to a P5, because I think it sounds best, but by reading its power consumption, it starts at 116W, then slowly counts down to 115W…114W until it reaches 60W. The level then rises a little, depending on the level of music, but it never reaches about 120W. Is it normal that the level should drop so drastically when starting a power amplifier? The sound sounds no less dynamic for that reason, i´m just amazed.

Depends on the power amplifier but often times they can have higher bias until they warm up, then reduce their levels accordingly.

To add to what Paul posted,amplifiers often need a good deal of current when first started to charge their capacitors. The high capacity outlets on the PowerPlants control this inrush of power and slow it down. I suspect this is what you are seeing.

Short answer: What you describe sounds normal. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.It is also characteristic for power amplifiers from PARASOUND that they operate with a high bias class A/AB operation.