PA Audio DirectStream and Aurender N100H


Dear Friends:

I am pretty close to pulling a move from an Audio Research DAC8 to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC. currently, my music is stored on an Aurender N100H and, of course, I use the Aurender controller in order to select and play music. Because the DAC8 would not ‘hear’ the Aurender, I placed a high quality digital to digital converter between the Aurender and the DAC8. I have a few questions.

First, I am assuming that if i connect the DirectStream to the Aurender, Rather than switching to Roon, I will continue using the Aurender app controller.

Second, if I connect the Aurender to the DirectStream, via the Bridge 2, will I be able to play TIDAL MQA files in full unfold?

Thanks for your help,



If you stream with the Aurender you will use the Conductor App but if you stream through the Bridge II you will use Mconnect and you will get the full MQA unfold that way. You would connect the Aurender via USB.


Thank you very much.


I’m running my Aurender N100H directly into my DSD via the USB input and use the Conductor app on an iPad mini to play archived files and stream TIdal.

FWIW, and as you probably are aware, Aurender offers a firmware download for a one-time fee of $50 that will perform the “first unfold” of MQA files in the N100H. Cheaper than a $900 bridge card, but you won’t get the full MQA ride.

I haven’t done this, as I plan move to Qobuz for hi-res streaming once they get up and running in the US (or set up an EU account via a VPN if the content is too restricted on this side of the pond).