Pass Labs X1 Preamp for sale

I am the original owner of this 2 unit preamp. It is in good condition with no obvious signs of wear or abuse. The reason I am selling is that I upgraded to the XP-32 preamp by Pass Labs. I am wanting $3200 for this preamp. It will be available when my new preamp arrives next week. Pictures available on request and photos will follow shortly.

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Congrats on the upgrade!

Aside: My Aleph P has that same remote control - nice and simple but I find I can’t use it since the IR receiver gets triggered by my phone and other remotes, so it’s taped over.

It is a nice metal remote. I like them.

Dang, I wish I had an excuse to buy this from you. Sadly, I don’t. Noice!

Would you mind posting a few pictures of the backs of the units?


If you would like to discuss this preamp personally you can call me at 778-838-0128
My name is Mitch and you can call me anytime

Thank you, Mitch.

Do you already have the XP32? If so, what do you think? I’ve heard it’s magnificent.
I have an XP30 that I love
BTW–What got me started with Pass was an X1 that I loved. My cousin still has it.

I love the XP-32.I am getting a nX250.8 to replace my X250.5. Very exciting!


Right now I have an XA30.5.
I’m waiting for a friend to make his mind up about selling me his XA60.5’s.

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I will include shipping in North America at my asking price.