Pass Labs XA25 SOLD

Magnificent power amp.
Excellent condition.
I won’t go into the superlatives. Google it.
$3075. shipped CONUS

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Ok, I’ve been asked by three people, so:
25 watts into 8 ohms
50 watts into 4 ohms
A very high current amp.
I ran Magnepan LRS’s very successfully with this amp to 'call the cops" levels.

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Those ratings by Pass are at .01% while at the more standard 1% the levels are 80 and 130 watts. I’ve got a friend who used the XA-25 with Revel Studio II’s effortlessly in an a larger room.

I’m only selling it because I have an opportunity to buy some monoblocks that I’ve always wanted and hardly ever come on the market.
The XA25 is amazing. Some say it’s the quietest, most transparent stereo amp he makes, below the XS series.

How long have you owned the amp and are you the original owner?



I bought it from Mark at Reno Hifi. It was a demo, so I guess I’m the first owner.
I’ve had it about one year. It’s not my only Pass amp, so it hasn’t been used constantly, not that that matters.
Pm me with any additional questions

Thanks…that’s quite a nice price on such a great amp…I just added the Stellar S300 and my Vinnie Rossi Lio has an 25watt amp module as well installed. Very tempting…wish it had balanced inputs but with a class a amp it’s not such a big deal.


just in case…best price shipped to New York zipcode 10591


Hi Ron:
See PM

Sorry but it just sold about 10 minutes ago!

Great !

Wow! I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance! So far, 5 people want to buy it; first one got it. A smokin deal if I may say so.

I see it’s sold… congrats!!
I knew it would be gone fast… especially at the price

Thanks Gene. I know this is going to be one of those things I’ll regret selling down the road, like my old Alfa.

No kidding. When you sell an Alfa a part of your heart goes down the road with it. . . .

Based on my last Alfa your wallet is thankful it’s gone :blush:

My Alfa was a '64 Spider Veloce. I actually made money selling it. But I have never had a car I liked more.

I adored every Alfa I owned.

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At least you know someone else is enjoying it - hifi is to be used not collected IMO. Spread the good sounds.

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the XA25 is so popular right now…

question: with no 12v trigger…did you leave it on at all times or do you turn it off and on?