Paul, can the PWD drive long RCA ICs to power amp?

Paul, so I got back from RMAF and turned on my system only to find I was hearing some things that had me scratching my head. When I get home tonight I’d like to troubleshoot. One of the things I’m going to try and do is bypass my preamp and use my PWD to directly drive my amp. The thing is my preamp drives 25 foot RCA ICs to my amp. Audio fans don’t get into a panic! :open_mouth: My amp has a hybrid tube input that presents a fairly resistive 1 Megaohm load to the preamp. But still, since it is rather unusual I wanted to make sure the output stage of the PWD would not have any problems.

I can answer this from experience - the answer is yes. I have a run of 8.0m Cardas Golden Reference RCAs and the PWD had no trouble driving this cable, which is admittedly relatively low capacitance.

It is also going up for sale - too much audio gear around here!!!

Thanks David. I’ll have to remember to lower the PWD volume before I do this! [-O<

that’s a very good idea!! I’d have it at zero with the softest test track to start with ~:>

I agree, it can handle long interconnects.

Happy to report the PWD drives my amp very nicely. It didn’t solve my dilemma (hallucination?), but it’s nice to know I have this option for my configuration. Sounded pretty good, too.