Paul's 'How to tune your room for best sound' video

Hi @Paul

In this video below you describe some of the things you were going to add to the room, in terms of additional room treatments.

Can we please get a follow-up video on what you added/changed?

Yes, that would be a good idea only I never got around to adding them.

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No problem @Paul

In the video you mention a dislike for digital room correction (EQ).

What about in your Octave Studio Mastering room? Same thing, no digital room EQ?

Maybe you can do a video soon expanding on your thoughts about digital room EQ?

Digital room correction attempts to treat the symptoms, not the cause.

I have heard many digital treatments and have heard none which actually sound good. Different, but with the same number of problems. But those who own the systems I have heard love it - which is all that matters.

There are studio products, such as Sonarworks Reference 4, designed to treat already near perfect studio rooms. I have yet to hear a well designed mastering room which is also using such software and am very curious.

You may have not heard yet but they are out there… plenty shared on gearslutz forum.

A couple:

Heaps using Genelec’s own with Genelec DSP speakers…

Obviously the less you need to rely on DSP the better but digital room EQ is widely relied on by many mix and mastering studios…

I am well aware they exist - hence my comment. :slight_smile:

Yes, they not only exist but are in widespread use.

So I imagine many professionals find digital room EQ useful in the studio…

Hi Paul, it looks like you got around to adding them.

Can you do a video on why you chose what you chose and measurements done etc etc

And what’s on the back wall etc

That rug really ties the room together.

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Did you also treat the ceiling? If yes, with what? Thanks.

Nope. It’s on my list to do and would likely use those wavy slats, but I haven’t done anything.

Hi Paul I don’t understand because the pic above shows the wavy slats up on the wall?

So they’re already in use?