Paying it forward with speaker cables [GONE to new homes]

Thanks guys for helping me clear these out of my space. Please pass them along if you find they aren’t for you or your system. Best, Brett

My most recent build took me through 4 pairs of speaker cables before settling. I want to pay it forward by sending a pair, I have 2, to anyone that could use them to dip a toe in the speaker cable world. Please only ask for them if you’ve just beginning the journey, no cable hoarders please.

Zu Audio Libtec 8’ Bananas - username kerosene got these
Zu Audio Mission Mk1 8’ Bananas - umiami91.

I only ask that you pay for postage, I’m in San Diego, CA USA. A PDF shipping label would be ideal.



And what country you live?

I apologize for the omission. Edited. Brodric you definitely don’t fit the perspective profile I was thinking of!

Well yeah, but still worth a prompting to attract your target audience.

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Currently using base level Anti-Cables with my Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3’s. Do you think either of these would be a good fit?

I have a pair of “retired” signal cable speaker cables I could “pay forward” in kind if you care to send a pair my way…

This could be an interesting thing to keep going.

I have one potential challenge though. The terminals on my amplifiers are about 13” apart. Would that be an issue?



How nice!!!

It’s probably a sideways move at best, and they only would allow for 10" between the terminals and it would be snug at that…


Love your idea…


I would love to try them, I have tested many and have not found a pair of cables that were to my liking. I promise if they are not to my liking I will make the same deal here on this forum to another who may.

This is a very interesting and gallant thread. Bravo!

That’s a very generous offer. I currently only have bulk cheap Audioquest in my system and would take you up on that.

Brett… very generous offer.

Brand new member, have been reading up on here as I just picked up a 100C amp this morning that is a one owner and super clean.

My local tech has been on me for some time to move towards newer gear. So the journey started a few months ago. I have purchased everything used to try and build a decent starter setup. I have always been a vintage fan, currently running a 9090 Sansui and HPM-100’s. Over the last few months I have picked up a set of Emotiva cables, next was a set of set of Dali 2.8s. These have been sitting for a few months as I am buying as I find local deals. And my tech has a couple different preamp he is going to let me test run to get started headed up to see him tomorrow. He has the 100C giving it a once over for me prior to putting it into service.

I would welcome the opportunity to try out different cables. Would be happy to send them back your way, or onto another who would benefit from a listen as well.

Karma baby.


Thank you to all that expressed interest, giving me the opportunity to give back just a bit.

Both sets are soon on their way to new homes, systems, ears and brains.

I’m sure there are many others that have small bits and bobs that were acquired well during the acquisition phase of building audio or other systems.

Both my takers made it trivial for me by sending a prepaid label that I just had to slap on the package and away it goes. Excellent idea gents!

To those in the US, enjoy the game. To those in Europe that are American football fans, I hope you don’t have to work Monday :wink:

I would be interested if anyone else is as generous. Ive tried several cables in my life but always end up with 12 gauge copper house wire. Havent heard anything better so far. Strange I know.

Let me know if anyone has this inclination.



@kerosene and @umiami91

Let me know when you’ve received the cables and what you think of them after a bit of listening.

They arrived last night but I didn’t get home until late. Thank you again, so much.

The USPS, in its infinite wisdom, decided to send them on a sightseeing tour to Wisconsin before forwarding them to Ohio.

I have had trouble with USPS if there are too many lines in the address. Silly that someone with a brain cant actually read the label when there is a problem.

I look at it as a bonus because that gave the cables some relaxation time plus cryogenic effects.

That was satire.

Well, mostly.


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Got it. I think. :thinking: