Perfect Wave Dac II components

I purchased the Perfect Wave DAC II in 2012 and used the upgrade kit to transform it to a Directstream. I have the “guts” of the PWII for sale for anyone who might be interested in building their own DAC. It has no use to me. I would assume anyone in this forum knows the value of what the PWII is (was?). To be clear, there is no case, just the parts that would have to be assembled for anyone so inclined. It’s of no use to me but judging by previous posts, the market value is $250. (There’s a complete used box currently eBay with an asking price of 1400, though it hasn’t been sold at that price.) The DAC worked fine prior to the upgrade, but no guarantee on how anything will work once reassembled, so caveat emptor.

I’ve also got a Bridge 1, which never lived up to its original marketing (which is why I bought a Sonic Orbiter and why presumably there is now a Bridge II). I’d throw that in for another $50 (if nothing else, you could trade it in for a Bridge II at the discounted price).

I would expect you to pay shipping charges. U.S. would be less of a hassle, but if there’s an easy way to ship internationally and you’re willing to pay the freight, fine by me.

PayPal would be nice, but we can talk about arrangements.