Perfect Wave Dac mkii dead

This morning the PWD MK ii was just playing fine as always. Because we were going out, I switched it off with the button at the backside of the DAC. Now, Intry to turn it on, but it seems competely dead. No power. No nothing. Tried different power cable, but that does not work either. Any clues?


Don’t know about the fuse. What can cause a fuse to blow? I just switched the DAC off and on…

This is often when light bulbs and fuses fail; one final insult/micro-trauma and they give up.

I predict it is a failed fuse.

Thx Elk, I hope you are right about it. Will check it out tomorrow.

I have checked the fuses, but unfortunately they are both still good… so, I’m afraid it has to be something more complicated… I will sent the DAC to de local distrubutor in Belgium.

This is unfortunate indeed. I hope you get this resolved quickly.

Please let us know when you learn what went wrong.

I will let you know what the problem is. Thx again Elk.

Problem solved! I took the PWD to the distributor at Brasschaat (Belgium) last wednesday. He called me in the evening that the technicien concluded the board which contains the power supply was broke. Not sure what caused it. Yesterday he called me again, that the board was replaced and that the PWD was alive again. Today I picked it up and now it’s playing like before. I am truly grateful for the rapid service of my distributor, called Guy, at Aspera Brasschaat…great guy!

Hi Arie1234,

Good news that you’ve got it solved

Way to go Guy!!