Perfect Wave MKI Driver Issue

I recently acquired a PS Perfect Wave MKI on a very famous forum for a trade on equipments, and I'm trying to install the driver on my Windows 10 and I can't complete it.
Let me explain what is happening.
When I plug the PW, it's recognized and it plays, but with a pre-installed windows driver (PS Audio 24/96 Audio Link -> It's the description). But when I try to install the "recomended" driver. That's on the PS Audio site. I shows this message "Setup requires that the device is plugged in. Please connect the device you want to install and make sure it is turned on. If your device is currently connected, please unplug and replug it." and I unplug and replug and nothing changes, same message.
When I try to "force" instalation, by the Device Maneger, when I select de driver archive and install it, on the firts time it shows that it's successfully installed, when I hit ok. It shows a yellow exclamation mark on the PW name, so, there is a problem. When I desinstall the driver, it came back, but again on the windows driver.
I've tried differents OS (Win 7 and 10), fresh ones. Different cables. Even buy a original license for windows. And read the PS foruns. But I'm lost and don't know what to do anymore.

Hi joaopmts,

After uninstalling the driver do you unplug the MKI USB connection and then do not reconnect it until asked by the PS audio driver installer after rebooting. You may not even need to reboot at all, however, if you reboot with it plugged in the other driver will install again automatically.

I hope that helps.