PerfectWave DAC II

I have two questions re: Perfectwave Dac ii.

Would a digital filter between my computer and dac likely improve sound?

Will a Directstream Memory Player work fully with my Perfectwave?

although i am not sure what digital filter you mean I am sure the PWD mkII works fine with DMP :slight_smile:

A filter designed to reduce jitter.

Jitter reduction devices can work. It depends on the device and on what format (optical, AES/EBU, etc.). If you have a specific product in mind you can mention it. Someone may have experience with it. Otherwise, try it and see.

Can anyone recommend a device that has worked well?

What type of input to the PWDII are you trying to reduce jitter with?

USB mainly but on occasion s/pdif.

Here (link below) is a bargain option – not out much if you don’t discern an improvement. If it does help, you can get an idea as to how and what it does; and be on the lookout for potentially even more effective options that work using the same principles.

AQ Jitterbug Review @ Stereophile