PerfectWave DAC - Is it possible to swap the out a UK power supply for a US 110V?

Hey…Is it possible to swap the out a UK power supply for a US 110 VAC and if so how would one go about that ?


There must be lots of 110V PWD power supplies out there…I suspect the power supplies became redundant when PWD owners bought PWD/2>DirectStream upgrade kits.

You would have to have that taken care of by the distributor in your country. Are you in the UK?

Hi Paul

Thanks for answering ( and all your other contributions in general ). I’m looking to purchase a used unit in the UK on A-gon. The seller claims that the UK models have switchable power supplies but I can’t seem to get that confirmed. Can you verify that ? If they don’t can I have the it switched here in the US ? Should it be sent in or can do it myself ?

Thanks again for your time.


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Hey Simon, not totally sure what the seller means by switchable. You can certainly swap a UK PS to US if you want, and vice versa. Send me an email at and I can get you in touch with the right people.