Perfectwave DAC mk2 crash

Hello to all!

It seems that hardware crash occurs with my PWD today.

How it happens. PWD was in switched off state (but not completely powered
off using back side switch). Suddenly (I was near at this moment) PWD was
powered on by itself and start to switch off and on with 2 seconds
interval. I can’t stop that now. I restarted PWD several times, I even
re-install firmware from SD-card but I can’t solve the problem. Evere time
when I turn back switch to “on” the PWD display white screen with 4 buttons
to initial setup touch screen. At this moment display work OK and no
swtching off/on occures. But after I push 4 buttons the PWD display the
working screen and start to switching off and on every 2 seconds.
When I re-install the firmware the initializing screen was OK, but after
firmware has installed I receive the same white screen with 4 buttons and
the same off/on PWD sequence after pushing the buttons.

Does the PWD broken? What can I do?

I purchased the PWD mk2 with Bridge 2 several month ago at eBay. And it
worked fine before today.

Sorry for my English :).

Hope for help,


Hi, Andrey

Have you tried completely unplugging the unit and letting it sit for a bit?

(Your English is excellent!)


After 4 hours of completely unplugging the unit I tried to power it on. For first 4 minutes it seems that everything is OK. I was able to play music from my server via bridge.

But after 3-4 minutes the problem was coming back, unit start to power off and on every 2-3 seconds.The hope that problem is solved disappeared :((.

You might also try installing an older version of the firmware and then reinstall the current firmware using a fresh download in case something got corrupted.

I already done that without any success :(.

Here’s a very wild thought, try covering up the remote control sensor. It’s to the left of the screen. While it’s not likely, maybe the remote or another device’s remote has a stuck key and keeps triggering the on/off command.

Very clever! Good thinking.

Hello, again.

Today I checked remote control sensor. No, the problem not in sensor. It is absolutely no effect if I cover the sensor.

But to continue pmotz idea it look as PS wave button malfunction. As someone push the button all the time. That is why every time when I power on PWD the initial white screen with 4 buttons appear. As PS button was pushed during power on.

Is it possible?

We have seen the front panel power button sticking before. This is a problem sometimes because of paint buildup on the sides of the hole in the front panel. Sometimes just working with button in and out helps - or inserting something sharp around the edges of the button to loosen it.

Hello, Paul.

I tried to working with button in and out and tried to insert peace of paper around the edges of the button but with no success. But it seems that the problem maybe actually with button. Why I am thinking so. When I watch how PWD turn on and off by itself I can change its current state using remote control. For example, during short “on” state I can press “off” button on remote control and turn the unit off before it make that by itself. If the power button on the unit works fine I can do the same thing using it. But I can’t. There is no effect of pressing power button on the unit, only on remote control.

So, how I can solve the problem if just working with button has no effect? I have technical education and I can try to disassemble the unit, maybe extracting the button and inserting it back will solve the problem? It will be better to have your instruction how to disassemble the unit properly. I live in Russia so it may be difficult to send the unit to customer support that’s why I think about repairing by my own. Maybe it will be easier to contact me via email Hope for help.

Best regards,