Perfectwave Dac Mk2

Hi, I just acquired a used PWD II. It sounds awesome. I have some observations that I would like to ask current owners for verification. My unit drops the input signal lock almost immediately when incoming signal stops. When it does, it produces a clicking noise. Is that expected or by design?

Any ways, quick recap in questions 1) does the input lock require continuous stream of signal? 2) how long does the lock stay on after the incoming signal stops? 3) does it produce a clicking noise when it locks or the lock drops?

The thing sounds good, really good!

Happy listening. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum and glad you are enjoying your PWD Mk. II.

What are you using to feed the PWD? If it is a CD player or other transport that does not send a signal when music is not playing I would expect the signal lock to be lost. Clicking sounds are usually relays kicking in (e.g., could be sample rates changing or the like). It’s been a long time since I had my PWD but I don’t remember it clicking a lot. But then I mostly used it with the Bridge for music and Toslink for TV and those signals are generally continuous. I vaguely recall other people talking about clicking in some circumstances but that may reflect differences in the way units are used. Or their (and your) hearing was better. I wouldn’t think it is anything to be concerned about.

Thanks for your inputs. I have nVidia Shield (Android TV box) connected to the DAC through USB and the connection keeps clicking lock/drop back and forth. The optical connection through the TV has constant signal so it stays locked.

I’m planning on building a server with a Raspberry Pi (USB or I2S) and now wondering if it behaves the same way as the nVidia Shield.


I don’t have experience with either of those devices but I would think the Raspberry Pi would behave like any other computer server and not have any problem staying locked. But that’s just a guess. Do you have another computer you can connect via USB to make sure the connection is OK?

^ What stevem2 said. When I still had my PWD II, I had every input connected (computer, different disc players, TV, Roku) and never had the issue you describe. I did sometimes have problems switching between inputs, but those problems were either that the switch would not take place or that the sound on the new input would be badly garbled.

Try a different source for the USB and try a different USB cable (though maybe not at the same time). Also (and you’ve probably done this) reboot the PWD. You might also consider opening the unit up and verifying that all cards and cables are firmly seated. There are instructions for opening the PWD here. The first video at that link shows how to access the inside of the unit. Good luck!