Perfectwave DAC MkII: Coax input broken?

Hi there,
Trying to sort this out as I tried already any possible setting on the Blu Ray player menu audio section. I just wanted to know if the coaxial output on the Sony UBP-X800 could simply be connected to the PS Audio DAC . Please note that the UBP-x800 should output PCM in stereo through coaxial. Once plugged together the Perfectwave coax input was not able to detect any signal coming from the Sony…any help or possible solution?

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Make sure the player is set for stereo PCM. It may be putting out multichannel.

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First I did try every possible combination on the player. Then I plugged in the old CD player that used to work on coaxial. The result is the same: works fine with Optical/USB but no signal from coax (see pictures). Even tried with 2 diffrerent coax cables to make sure: same result

To make sure I even updated it with the latest Firmware. No change

What’s wrong? Is the coax input broken? Shall I try something else?

To my knowledge optical and coax are processed through the same chipset, so if optical works then in theory coax should work too.

Probably best to work with our service team - they might have seen this before. You can reach them at, or by phone at 1-800-PSAUDIO.

We should be able to get to the bottom of things in no time.

Many thanks Schroedster!

I’ve just emailed them…

Andrea Zunino

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