PerfectWave dac to Esoteric F05

I was trying my best today to get Tidal from the Network Bridge II of my PW DAC to my Esoteric F05.
I tried XLR & RCA. Tried playing on my phone before connecting to the F05 to make sure of the signal. All good. Just nothing came out of the F05.
CDs play fine from my K03Xs to the F05.
I’m missing something simple I’m sure.

Can someone help please?

A Captain obvious note for you :slightly_smiling_face::

The bridge is a DAC input, not an output.

The PSA PWD does not output a digital signal AFAIK.

(Maybe I am not following you correctly?)

Hope this helps…

G’day Scotte
Let me see where I wrote I was using digital out…nope I’m sure I said XLR and RCA.
Recall that Tidal plays on the Network Bridge II embedded within the PW DAC and outputs through these analog outputs after fully decoding Tidal (MQA)…

Did you try a full power off and on of the DAC?

Not yet. I’ll report back.

XLR and RCA can also be digital interface connection methods. I too was having some difficulty understanding your question.
To be clear. Bridge is your input source on the DAC. The analog output of the DAC (you’ve tried both, XLR and RCA) has been checked via your phone input and there is a signal there. When you then connect that same cable to the F-05 input there is no sound at the F-05 output. When you connect the Xs analog output to the same input on the F-05 you had the DAC connected to, there is sound. Right?

So it’s a question of, the Xs analog out works OK with the F-05 but the PW DAC analog out does not.

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Apologies for any confusion, but the rca and xlr are analog outputs of the PW dac.
And yes the same xlr cables were taken from the k03xs outputs to the xlr outputs of the PW dac. And xlr inputs of the 05. Sometimes Tidal is touchy and pauses. Still there was zero signal.

Some people here might not know that F-05 does not accept digital inputs. Which might lead to some confusion how you were connecting the stuff.

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no doubt it can be confusing. In my case the rca outputs suggest that it isnt the xlr hot pin phase, it didn’t work in either case. and the success of the k03xs to feed the f05 suggests that the f05 is working fine.
I can try connecting the dac to another amp, and another source to the f05.

Is Tidal supported on the Bridge II firmware versions that work on the PWD (as opposed to the Direct Stream)? You might want to reach out to PSA support.

Yes it certainly is and sounds wonderful.


Saturday morning
A new day
This time the settings and connections are right.
The PW DAC plays beautifully via the F05.
Listening notes via a pair of Viking Acoustics Berlin R Type II
Wide soundstage
Great channel separation
Soft yet punchy oomphy
Dynamic wide frequency range
Remarkable clarity
Crystal clear mods and highs
Remarkable presence
Only the PassLabs XA25 has greater control

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