Perfectwave Transport lifespan and repair

I am enjoying a 9 year old Perfectwave transport which is functioning perfectly but the only thing I am curious about is that is it likely that it will function without issues for years to come or is it likely that something will fail over time? If the transport does fail I would send it in to the factory for repair but what is the cost of repair and what is the turn around time to get it fixed and returned to me in Canada? There’s no signs of failure at the moment but eventually something will fail. What is the average life span of these transports and what is the cost of repair when necessary?What typically fails in these units? Is it possible my transport will function with out problems for many more years to come? I purchased a spare disc drive and adapter which may be necessary to be safe but should the transport fail I would send it in to the factory.
Mitch Barmash

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My PWT has been very reliable for many years. I had an issue with the optical drive reading my high-res files burned to DVD discs and simply replaced the drive myself (Asus part ~$25) and maybe an hour or so. Really not that difficult as a DIY to save you the hassle of sending the unit back to PS Audio.

I purchased a spare drive from EBay and an adapter from Amazon but if/when the transport fails I will send it to the factory and keep my spare transport disc drive just in case. Also I have read where some peoples transformers fail as well.

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Where can I find instructions on how to replace the disc drive in my PWT. So far it’s working flawlessly but I imagine eventually it will need a new disc drive. I have two replacement disc drives and an adapter piece in case it’s necessary. I would like to read on the process to change the disc drive so a link to instructions would be appreciated. Would the new PST sound much better than my PWT? I have read that the DMP has a lot of mechanical issues so I will stay clear of it.