Personal audio

I just picked up the XM3’s for christmas, they really are quite impressive, especially when you do the digital sound processing on Tidal, man that blew me away!

Apparently it only works with Tidal atm, but they’re gonna be rolling it into other streaming services in the future.

The other portable DAC to watch out for is the dragonfly cobalt which won loads of awards last year, but any of the dragonfly series are quite special to meet relevant budgets:

I’m happy with my Lotoo PAW Gold driving Campfire Audio Andromeda IEMs.

Yeah, I figured the questyle would have nice SQ. The Fiio has a pure music setting, turns android OS off.

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It seems there are lots of great options out there!

Sony 360 looks very interesting. is really interesting too. Thanks for the info!

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When I am out walking I listen with the teeny tiny Shanling M0 DAP and a pair of Tin T4 earphones. Sounds great. Trouble is I get lost in the music and keep walking into puddles. The little Shanling sounds fantastic for its size.
For slightly bulkier portable listening I strap an iFi headphone amp to my LG V40 ( the one with the supposed audiophile DAC) and listen with my Oppo PM2 phones. Unless people are around and then it is Beyerdynamic T90s.

Wait a minute, the Beyers are open backed as well. I forgot. Should have been 1More triple driver over ears.