Is it me or does the third shot have something that looks a lot like a moss-covered heart on the boulder? About a quarter of the way from the right and about one-third down.

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Good eye Joe…looks like it to me too!

a new turtle species roaming today, no idea of make and model, large and ghastly


Looks like a snapping turtle…
They make good soup!:rofl:

was worried that with those long legs it would chase me to my end

a snapping turtle it turns out…was large…shell at least 14 inches long, legs seemed at least 6 inches, head width about same as baseball

They can move but not quick enough to catch you…lol But they will take a finger off… if not careful!

in my relatively urban property, I’ve had several species of turtles, a fox family, a bobcat family, an armadillo family, a possum family, raccoon families, rabbits/birds/squirrels etc, including humming birds. pesty owls and hawks. woodpecker at banks at my chimney every morning. vultures visit often, due to the torture of animals of my neighbor and throwing the remains to my property

foxes were my favorite, liked to play and test my finding them; one adult could actually run up a tree and reach a big limb to stand on about 10 feet high

the biggest…wild hogs that has been castrated and an ear lopped off (a florida thing to do)…one was very mean…had to hire trapper. the other couple years later seemed tame (couple days later heard a gun shot)

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Its egg-laying season. Probably looking to hide some eggs after a recent rainstorm.

Leave (her?) be if you can. Are you near a body of water?


[Addenda: On second read, the turtle does not seem to be that large (for a snapper) don’t know if it is sexually mature.]

No disturb, turtle walked away, small lake a block away

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Didn’t know they could cook! :grin:

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🫵🏻 :crazy_face: :rofl:

Monroe, NJ c. 1995. Scan of a photo taken on 110 film with a Pentax SLR.

Ansel Adams it ain’t.


blasts from the long-ago past

Yep. It was a little better than the Instamatic-type cameras but the smaller (and for a novice more convenient) film format wasn’t as good as 35mm.

PS: A “novice” in terms of skills not years as I was already middle-aged.

my first cameras in mid 60s, Asahi Pentax 35 mm and Yashica 2.25 by 2.25. focused on B&W because self processing was easier

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Very nice. Must’ve been rewarding being so involved in both the photography and bringing your compositions to life.

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When I snapped this photo, I hadn’t noticed the fellow in the yellow vest standing at the base of the nearly completed JP Morgan headquarters building. The contrasts in height was what caught my eye. What’s even more intriguing, the original headquarters, a mid century gem straight out of the “Mad Men” days, originally the Union Carbide building, was torn down for this to be erected.


seems precarious to be on stilts, even if they may include steel, which rusts

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